I'm Tara, and I began studying photography when I was in college. But, I didn't know I wanted to do bigger things with photography until I lost my second mom, my Grandmother. Photography became an outlet for me, my way of expressing emotions. I love photography because it feels like a part of who I am, and it brings something special to those I photograph- the emotions, the joy, the love of that moment. I started working specifically with families in 2014, and it has been so rewarding and fun!

I met my husband in high school, and although we were high school sweethearts, he was definitely sure we would be married way before I was! Originally from Pennsylvania, we now call Maryland our home. We have two amazing children together, and a yellow lab (our first "baby"). I love traveling, cooking, dancing in the car while driving, chalk paint furniture, camping and hiking, and...wait for it.....dessert. Can't get enough of it.

You'll find that I love to keep things relaxed, natural, simple, and fun! I want to help you experience and feel your family's story through your photographs. I strive to capture your "real" life in an authentic way, so you can share those memories for generations to come. Photography shouldn't be complicated or stressful. Siblings holding hands. A tired but glowing mom with her new baby. A look. A laugh. The sparkle of a new engagement ring. These things are real, they are simple, and they are unique to you. These are the everyday that's worth documenting - the tender moments that exist in the midst of the chaos!

I can't wait to meet your people and capture your journey! Warning: I'm a hugger!

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The Beach or      the Lake

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I'm not super girly, but I am a bag lady. Dooney & Bourke or Coach!

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Country, something Pop I can groove to in the car, 80's/Classic Rock. In that order